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Santa Monica

If I had to pick a place in LA to live, I think it would be Santa Monica. You aren’t too far from downtown but far enough to avoid the ultra-pretentious, the atmosphere is more laid back, and best of all you are right next door to the BEACH. Santa Monica is always a must-visit spot for me whenever I’m in SoCal. Third Street Promenade is a perfect, lazy afternoon place to catch up with old friends over shopping and coffee, or just enjoy the outdoor air and watch a few street performers. Last time I was there I even watched one of the World Cup games at a neighboring bar with a bunch of other fans.

The pier is also a great place to take a stroll as well, which is exactly what my sister and I did today. Today’s weather outside was anything but frightful: high 60’s with warm sunshine and zero humidity. I got a kick out of watching people emerge from their cars wearing nothing but bathing suits and carrying frisbees. Ah, summertime in December – gotta love California! We snagged some great $1/hr short term parking right next to the pier off Ocean Avenue (we offset the discount by enjoying some delicious but overpriced shakes) and spent the hour checking out the pier and enjoying the sun. Neetha flew in from freezing Japan so it was even more of a treat for her. The pier is great for families because it has a ferris wheel and even a small rollercoaster, and then plenty of games for the kids. Adults will like it too though because the panoramic view of the beach and shore is beautiful, and there are many restaurants to grab some drinks and food.

After the pier, we ended the day trip by zooming down Pacific Coast Highway, my favorite drive, and enjoying the coastal scenery. Its times like these that we are reminded just how amazing California is. This is why Californians are always so happy! Make sure to check out Santa Monica on your next visit to SoCal, and also check out Venice Beach if you have the time because their boardwalk is fantastic too. Don’t forget the rollerblades!


Reason #225 to love California: Its beach weather even in December.


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December 22, 2011 · 5:21 am

Around the World



Map view of the 30+ cities I visited during my trip, starting in New York and ending in California.

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December 8, 2011 · 6:12 pm

Making Gulab Jamun


“Gulab jamun may just be the world’s most perfect dessert.” – Arun

First time making gulab jamun, with the help of Lydia’s mom. Next week I will attempt it on my own.

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November 20, 2011 · 2:08 pm


My friend, Hallie, has a health and fitness blog and just wrote about her recent trip to Zion National Park in Utah. Sounds like a great closeby getaway for those in the states! Great pictures, H!


Have you been to Zion National Park out in Utah? No? GO THERE NOW. I was just out there for a wedding and it blew my mind. The red rock made for some really fun rock scrambling and some very different trail running than I’m used to. The peak season had just ended so hotel prices were quite reasonable. I highly recommend the Best Western Zion for very comfortable accommodations, or the Canyon Ranch Motel for some local rustic charm. I rented a bike for $35 for the whole day from Zion Cycles and was able to bike the whole lower part of the park from my hotel. It was so much fun!! I’ll put up more pics of the individual hikes soon.

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November 14, 2011 · 12:16 pm