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Back to Japan!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m returning to Japan on a Dream-Ality Travels agency trip through Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization! Its going to be a great opportunity to explore more of Japan and see places that I didn’t get to during my 5 weeks there in October.

Between going in search of snow monkeys, stalking cherry blossoms, watching a sumo tournament, or traveling to northern Japan to see the devastation, there’s so much I want to see and I don’t know how much I can fit in during my two weeks there. Any suggestions on places you’d like to learn more about, or things I have to do when I’m there in mid-March? The extensive food tour is already a given.

Cannot wait for more okonomiyaki

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New York Tourism

I found this great article in my favorite magazine, New York Mag. It’s about tourism in New York, and I thought this part in particular was very interesting – curious to know if others feel that this is an accurate representation of the many different visitors as well:

“Among travelers from the top foreign markets, Australians are the most adventurous. They are the most likely to attend a sporting event, go dancing, shop, buy tickets to a concert or a play – anything, really. The French are the likeliest to attend an art gallery or a museum. The British, Irish and Arab Middle Easterners are the least interested in art. Brazilians are emphatically anti-guided tours. The Japanese are seriously into Harlem, crowding gospel brunches and church tours (it is an open secret among New York’s jazz community that our jazz clubs are, at this point, all but subsidized by older Japanese men). The Norwegians, Danes, Finns, and the Dutch are the wealthiest, with 18 percent of the arrivals earning more than $200,000. Indians are the thriftiest, in a sense – because they often stay with friends or relatives and avoid hotels, they spend only $88 a person a day. But they also tend to stay longer than other groups, spending $1,000 per trip. The “Russian oligarch” stereotype, statistically speaking, is fiction.”

“And Another Fifty Million People Just Got Off of the Plane” – New York Magazine

From my experience in Europe and Japan, I can agree with the part about Aussies – they are down for anything. I would add Italians to the list of liking art galleries and museums. As fror the line about Indians, well, I just spent a month crashing at my cousins’ place in India – true!

So visit NYC, and come say hi to me!

Photo taken from NY Mag article

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