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Reasons To Love New York: Storm King Art Center

It was back in April 2012 when Japan Tourism Agency sponsored a trip for me to visit Japan to help promote tourism. By far one of the coolest places I visited during that trip was the island of Naoshima, known for its abstract art installations spread out all over the island. So when I heard that there was a large sculpture park upstate, I was reminded of the awesome time I had in Naoshima and knew I had to check it out.

Storm King Art Center is absolutely beautiful. Located about an hour north of the city, it is home to over 100 art sculptures dating back through the last century. I had never heard about it before this year but it seemed to have gained a lot of popularity with its current exhibition, Zhang Huan: Evoking Tradition, specifically with its Three Legged Buddha sculpture.

While most of the larger sculptures are made of steel, the smaller ones are made of all kinds of different materials including rubber, wood, and stone. And if you are lucky to visit on a beautiful day like we were, then you may end up spending just as much time appreciating the scenery as well as the sculptures. The park itself is huge and they recommend leaving six hours to see everything, although we saw a good majority in about three. And while it can be a busy spot on weekends, there is enough space and a lot of different trails where you can avoid the crowds for the most part. I definitely recommend a visit now because of the beautiful fall foliage. The center is open until the end of the month (and then closed until April) so get there soon. And don’t forget to pack some snacks!

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