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Santa Barbara Dog Park

Meet Odie. A furry two year old malitpoo puppy who loves veggies, squeaky toys and a good game of chase. Odie has always been a bit coddled ever since he suffered a puppy virus that threatened his life when he was just a few months old. He’s been a blessing in our family, acting as the surrogate grandchild and taking the heat off my sister and I for the time being. While Odie loves people, we recently discovered that he has a bit of social anxiety when he’s around other dogs. So with that we have been trying to find places where he can be outdoors with plenty of space and the occasional dog around so he can get more used to them. This weekend we took a trip to Santa Barbara to head out to the Douglas Family Preserve, which is an off-leash park located up on the cliffs with stunning views of the ocean. It is the perfect place to stop if you are doing a road trip up north and need a quick pit stop to let your four-legged friend stretch. At the base of the cliffs is Hendry’s Beach, a dog friendly beach that’s also a great spot for surfers. While Odie is not a fan of the beach (to my utter discontent) he still humored us and let the humans enjoy the afternoon. If you’re in SoCal with your pooch, hope you have a chance to make it out here!

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