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The Soapbox Chronicles: Self-Reflection & Rediscovery Through Travel

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

– Albert Einstein

This week was the birthday of one of my closest friends. She, like many of my friends, is unhappy at her job. However, she’s having a difficult time grasping the work and as a result its really affected her self confidence and professional capabilities. The above quote reminded me of her.

I remember going to a few happy hours with coworkers while at my last job. The conversation eventually turned to real estate (I worked with a bunch of brokers) and I always felt tongue tied or that I didn’t have enough to offer. It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to do my job well – I was there for several years and felt that I was pretty darn good at what I did if I do say so myself – I just wasn’t able to be engaged by the topic. I remember feeling that I must just really suck at networking.

Fast forward to 6 months later where my life has become a little different. I left that job and spent a few months traveling, having the time of my life, and doing some major self-reflection. During those few months I also started engaging in the travel community through my blog and in other ways, and I realized that I wanted to pursue travel as more than just a hobby. When I returned to New York I wanted to hit the ground running and look for new opportunities in the industry. I connected to a few travel related events in the city, and I soon found myself wrapped up in long, fascinating conversations with people I had just met. The problem wasn’t that I was bad at networking or talking with people, but that I just hadn’t found an area where I could really shine.

I’m still learning a lot about the travel industry, but what’s important is that I found something that truly sparks my interest and where I can connect with others in a way that doesn’t seem, well, like so much work! The truth is that if I hadn’t taken a chance to step outside my comfort zone and explore other sides of myself while traveling, I may never have figured that out. And if you are in a job that doesn’t suit you then chances are you may have some doubts about your potential as well. If that’s the case, then I hope you’re not afraid to step off the beaten path and search for what’s right for you, or to take a career break, explore some other options and get your hands a little dirty. Hey, an around the world trip is just one way to find some inspiration – I can personally attest to that.

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Hello My Name Is

Hello, my name is Priya, and I am officially in a rut.

Don’t get me wrong, I have it pretty good in the city. Great friends, nice digs, steady paycheck. But still there is a big void that even the newest Manhattan basement dance party just can’t fill. I need out. After getting claustrophobic within the confines of my cubicle, and suddenly feeling that the island is a lot smaller than it used to be, I have decided to put my money (what recession?) where my mouth is and take my own quarter-year sabbatical. From my job. From New York. From what I’ve been trained to think is the normal route towards becoming “successful.” And, from speaking with multiple friends of mine, it seems that I’m not alone in wanting an escape and a change of scenery. Not necessarily escaping the country, or even the city, but maybe just taking a break from the rat race for a bit to try something different and maybe even a little risky. It’s the start of a revolution, folks.

During the next few months, I plan on exploring some different parts of the world and broadening my own global outlook (read: international food tour.) I will be connecting with family and friends, old and hopefully new, in other countries and I’m excited about what’s in store. For me, taking the scenic route isn’t just about my adventures while traveling, but also about navigating the highs and lows that come with going against the grain.

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