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The Soapbox Chronicles: Save The Postcards!

While browsing through some travel articles, I came across one that said that postcards are a dying breed and that people prefer to send texts or photo messages when traveling. It made me sad to think that so few people send postcards anymore – the only ones I seem to get nowadays are from my parents (which I still love, please don’t stop sending!) I sent out a good amount of postcards when I was traveling, but now that I think about it I wish I had sent out a lot more to all those people in my life that I care about and miss. A postcard is usually what, 50cents, maybe £1 or €2 if you’re in a tourist trap and getting ripped off, right? Note – never pay €2 for a postcard, unless its voice activated or something ingenious. But how exciting is it to get some snail mail with an awesome international stamp in your real life mailbox! I know I love it. So one of my goals for 2012 is to send more postcards when I travel: infiltrating my friend’s homes one fridge at a time. And please feel free to send me a postcard on your next getaway! It’ll get a front row seat in my kitchen and I’ll think of you every time I get a craving for some Ben & Jerry’s Fro-Yo, I promise.

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