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Reasons to Love New York: Ode to the West Village

One of the best things about New York is that there are so many diverse neighborhoods in such a small space. You can walk for 20 minutes from Chinatown and easily pass through Little Italy, Soho, and the Village. The different neighborhoods are what makes New York so exciting for those of us who have lived here for many years: if you are tired of your current lifestyle with the restaurants and the neighborhood bars, try a different part of town!

This week I am staying in the West Village (long story) and I seriously feel like I am on vacation even though I’m only about 40 blocks away from my apartment. But oh, I feel giddy when I walk out the front door and am not sure what cute bars or streets I’m going to stumble on today. It’s like I’m a tourist again, except just a much savvier one with a lot more pride for my city. Maybe we should start something where we all just swap apartments with our friends for a week at a time and explore a new neighborhood…

In honor of my week-long escapade, here are a few awesome photos of the West Village. Wee!


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