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EDC New York – There’s No Stopping Us Right Now

My good friend Alexis gave me some great advice the other day that’s been replaying in my head all week:

Embrace spontaneity.

So when a friend of a friend (of a friend?) invited me to join him and his group at Electric Daisy Carnival, how could I say no? Especially after finding out earlier in the month that I can’t attend this year’s Lollapalooza. Sure, I hadn’t know this guy for more than a few hours at that point, and sure I only knew his friend from one happy hour the previous week, and so what if that guy and I got introduced by someone at my office that I had just met for all of 2 minutes? When someone says they have an extra ticket to EDC NY with your name on it, you send out a thank you to the universe and graciously accept.

For all of you that don’t know, Electric Daisy Carnival is an electronic music festival that takes place in a couple different cities before having a massive blow out in Vegas. Some of the biggest dj’s perform every year, and this year they decided to add New York as one of the stops. It’s about time, EDC. The two day event quickly turned to three when they saw the demand for tickets (and more artists.) There are four different stages, so no matter whether you’re a house junkie like myself or more into trance you will have your pick of non-stop beats. So when I found out that my favs Avicii and Calvin Harris (not to mention some of the SHM crew) were playing on Saturday at the main stage, I knew I had to embrace spontaneity like Lex said and just go.

And the day turned out to be a total blast. The group I hung out with was awesome – like not just a group of reliable people that you would want to stick with if you were in a swarm of 30,000 party rockers, but fun kids that you would have a great time with anywhere. They took me in right away and broke the ice early which I was definitely grateful for. And we bypassed the nightmarish line for NJ transit at the end of the night with a car service ready to take us back. Phenom. So thanks to Goldie and the crew for letting me tag along and for making my first massive experience pretty freakin’ fun. Aside from the 1 hr bathroom line which was only slightly traumatizing.

Today is one of those perfect New York Sundays where the weather is fantastic, the friends have all rallied together for an excellent brunch, and the worries of the week ahead is still far enough out of everyone’s minds. I’m currently sitting on my roof deck with a view of sailboats moseying by and I find myself inhaling deep breaths of air to take in as much of it all as possible.

Let’s make this summer epic.

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Just Dance! – An International Music Tour

Lately I’ve just had the urge to dance. Like, throw my hands in the air like I just don’t care, I’d be on a table if I was still 21, DANCE you know? Admit it, you’ve had your moments too.

Well, to try to mentally satiate my craving (at least temporarily until I can grab a few girlfriends for a fun night out on the town) I started looking into what fun international music events are upcoming this year. I always said that if I could I would spend all my money on traveling and going to different concerts all over the world. So here are some fun international festivals I found to be worth taking a look at if you’re in need of a music (or dance) fix:


INMusic Festival – Zagreb – June 29th – 30th

I couldn’t make it out to Croatia last summer and it is probably one of the few regrets I have from the trip. This would be a perfect excuse to go! The lineup hasn’t been announced yet but headliner I’d want to see from last year’s show was Arcade Fire.


Berlin Music Week – Berlin – September 5th – 9th

I was actually in Berlin during Berlin Music Week in 2011 and the energy in the air was amazing because of the crowds that came over for the events. Berlin is a great city in general, but its underground music scene makes it a place that I definitely want to revisit.


Sunburn Festival – Goa – December 27th – 29th (Dates are for 2011, 2012 still to be confirmed)

I Love Goa. It is hands down one of my favorite beach spots in the whole world (please don’t get me started on how amazing all the restaurants are that line the beaches.. ooh the seafood!) So Goa + hot electronic music sounds like a win win to me! The event just passed so there’s no info on the 2012 event yet, but Axwell and Above & Beyond were some of 2011’s headliners.


Fuji Rock Festival – Nigata  – July 27th – 29th

So far Radiohead has already confirmed as a headliner. Last year’s music included The Chemical Brothers and Coldplay.

Summer Sonic – Tokyo – August 18th – 19th

Tokyo is an awesome city to hear some great music! I saw Above & Beyond at Club ageHa and had so much fun! Summer Sonic has a mix of domestic and international music at their festival. International performers include Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, and The Tings Tings. For info on their 2011 event in English, click here.


Sensation – Amsterdam – July 7th

While Sensation takes place in many countries all over the world, it starts here in Amsterdam, and is one of the wildest dance parties around.


Primavera Sound Festival – Barcelona – May 30th – June 3rd

I would love to rock out with the crazy kids from Barcelona! Main performers include Bjork, The Cure, Death Cab, The XX, and Wilco.


I know I’m not doing the UK justice because they have so many great music events (Glastonbury and Oxegen aren’t happening in 2012) but here are just a few. Other suggestions are appreciated!

O2 Wireless Festival – London – July 6th – 8th

This 3 day festival in Hyde Park sounds awesome, and Calvin Harris and Rihanna have already confirmed for 2012.

Bestival – Isle of Wight, England – Dates TBD (around early Sept)

Some of last year’s headliners were Fatboy Slim, Bjork, The Cure, and Chromeo.


Ultra  – Miami, FL – March 23rd – 25th

Tickets are sold out, but I was there that weekend last year and still got to go to parties with DJ’s outside of the festival. Saw AVICII at an intimate party at the Delano, and went to Swedish House Mafia’s Masquerade Motel on the beach. Loved it all.

AVICII at The Florida Room in Delano Hotel

Coachella – Indio, CA – April 13th – 15th (Weekend 1)  April 20th – 22nd (Weekend 2)

Coachella is not cheap if you’re not currently in CA, but from what I hear it is absolutely worth the cost. This is on my short-term bucket list of events to hit up.

Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas, NV – June 8th – June 10th

There are way too many electronic festivals to choose from, but EDC in Vegas would be awesome. Past DJ’s include Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, and Tiesto.

Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL – August 3rd – 5th

I went to Lollapalooza in 2010 and had an incredible weekend. Favorite bands were Arcade Fire, Green Day, MGMT, Phoenix and Metric.

Green Day

Austin City Limits – Austin, TX – October 12th – 14th

Some of my friends go to this every year, and I die a little inside each time I have to turn it down. If I’m still in the States come this Fall, 2012 is the year I’ll be hitting up ACL.

I realize this list is greatly lacking because I didn’t even get to hit South America yet (note: Sensation and Lollapalooza also takes place in Brazil and Chile!) There’s also a ton of awesome events in various countries where you can hear some fantastic local music and learn more about the culture. What are some of your favorite music festivals/events that you’ve been to?


Need to be inspired by some new music? I know I could update my iTunes playlist. Check out these great music sites for the low down on what’s fresh:

The MusicPhiles

The Maroon Cafe


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