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How To Eat Hitsumabushi

Unagi lovers, rejoice! Hitsumabushi is exactly what the food doctor ordered for hitting that eel fix. The dish is grilled eel over rice, and is one of the more popular local cuisines in Nagoya. And I’ll admit, while I did go to Nagoya to see the town’s beautiful castle, a big part of the reason was to get my hands on some of this grub. But wait, you don’t just dive right into face-first, there’s a whole process to enjoying the hitsumabushi experience!

Step 1:

Divide the eel dish into four sections. Separate the first section into the smaller bowl and enjoy as is.

Step 2:

Eat the second section, except this time add as many seasons and spices as you would like. Go wild!

Step 3:

If you were confused about that broth on the side, this is where it comes into play. Add the different seasonsings to your taste,  and this time top it off with the broth. I went a little crazy with this part, nom nom.

Step 4:

What did you like the most? Lots of seasonings, a drop of the broth to add flavor, or maybe the delectable grilled eel by itself? I prefer dividing it into quarters so that after trying it the first three ways you can pick your favorite and end the meal just right. I preferred it with the broth myself. Enjoy!


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