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Before I get into all the important details of how my move’s been going, I thought I would start with this: I’m going to get so fat here.

It’s day 2 of me being in Milano and all I’ve eaten is bread. Bread with olives, with eggplant, with tomatoes. It kind of almost seemed healthy until I remembered the common factor in each of those meals. And before I got here I was somewhat optimistic of a regular workout routine, I even went crazy and imagined myself finding a Pilates studio. However, once I arrived and realized that between being stuck on campus from 8am – 11pm and well, sleeping, I’m not sure how much of that will actually be possible. Maybe there’s a Lazy Runner’s club on campus. Or perhaps I should start one… ::light bulb::

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Parisian Food Envy

Baguette from Boulangerie Kayser. Thats it, bread anywhere else had been ruined for me!!


Canard from Le Bouillon Chartier


Macarons from Pierre Hermé


Nutella and banana crepe from the Latin District

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September 5, 2011 · 2:35 pm