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Hasta Luego, San Seb!

Currently I’m sitting on a train while passing through beautiful French countryside at sunset. I was very sad to leave San Sebastian today, and easily could have stayed there through the weekend. I kind of wish I had and skipped some other cities on my list, but I know a whole new set of adventures is waiting for me, starting in beautiful Paris.

San Sebastian is such a wonderful town, and it really is for everyone. You have the young surfer kids who all rock Billabong and can’t hold their alcohol, and the families vacationing from France and Spain. There’s the older people who are super cute walking their dogs, and of course the backpacker types like myself. And my personal favorite: the hot rowers! Yum.  Everyone is so friendly there that you don’t ever feel lonely, and I had such a great time meeting people at the bars at night from all over. The locals are very warm and welcoming of foreigners, and one struck up a conversation with me when I was on the beach and told me a little bit more about the town and it’s history. Yesterday, I didn’t have enough money to pay for my lunch, and they wouldn’t take my card (so mortifying!) but instead of getting annoyed at me the waitress was so nice and let me go to the bank to get money without giving me any attitude. And when I returned, she apologized to me and wished me well on my trip. So, so nice. I really adore that town. And I’m going to miss my hostel mates! I’ve really grown used to having the Aussies around – they’re such a sweet group of guys and I had so much fun with them. It was raining last night for a little bit and one of the guys pulled out a roulette drinking game and we all had a blast. They’re going to ibiza this wknd and not going to lie I’m totally tempted to catch a flight out there next week even though its out of the way!  Omg that would be so fun. My roomie and I also hung out a lot together during the day and it was great wandering around the city together. He was even patient enough to help me work on my photography skills. I got some great tips – thanks, Cliff! Hope I continue to meet great people like these guys.

So now here I am, wondering how the rest of the trip is going to go because from here on out I won’t know the local language. It was such a great asset to be able to speak Spanish this last week, and even though I could have gotten away without knowing it (even though the hostel owner doesn’t even speak English!) I think people appreciated that I spoke as much as possible even when it wasn’t perfect. Man, I really need to live in a spanish speaking country again and work on that! I had to catch a connecting train to Paris just over the french border earlier, and when I got out to buy my ticket the woman at the ticket stand only spoke French to me. Even after It was obvious that I couldn’t understand her, she still kept repeating herself in French and only became more obviously annoyed at me. It was actually pretty funny that I just started laughing thinking about how I’m 5 mins outside of Spain and already not understanding anything, and I think  my laughter pissed her off more. Haa, oops.

Oh yea, forgot to mention that I had a Priya moment and almost boarded a train to Madrid instead of Paris – of course that’s something only I would do. Good thing I figured it out before it was too late, phew!

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