The Great Truffle Hunt

Its Saturday afternoon of a long holiday weekend and I’m starting to go stir crazy from being under house arrest for the last two days in a row. Bocconi sure had a sense of humor when they changed schedules and stuck our first set of finals a month into the academic year. To take a mental break, I’ll catch up on a fun weekend I haven’t yet had a chance to write about: a recent truffle festival and wine tasting trip some of us MBA’s took to Alba and Barolo.

What the heck’s a truffle, you ask? These fun little suckers…

They’re fungi, and Alba is known for having amazing white truffles. Truffles can be used in many different products, and at the festival we could sample truffle oils, spreads, and even some desserts. But don’t let their small size fool you because these delicacies pack a punch. Just check out those price tags!

Tartufi have an amazing smell (they say the taste of the truffle is directly linked to the strength of its aroma) and it was immediately intoxicating the minute we entered the festival tent. White truffles are more popular in Italy while black truffles are more popular in France. I actually preferred the white truffles myself. In addition, there was also wine and cheese tasting – can’t go wrong with that combination!

After perusing the festival, our group headed off to lunch at Ristorante La Crota where we had a delicious 5 course meal (or at least I think it was 5, I lost count!) The food was amazing, the service was fantastic, and we even had some excellent entertainment thanks to one of the 37’s.

Then we were off to Barolo for some more wine tasting. And Barolo is breath-taking! Unfortunately we only spent an hour there because we were running late on time, but I really hope to go back there soon. And with it taking less than two hours to get there from Milano, its definitely worthy of a lazy Sunday brunch locale.

Many thanks to the DiVino Club for setting up this awesome event for us.

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