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Screenshot of a picture I had posted on Facebook when I was failing miserably at using my classmate’s Turkish keyboard. Because our classes are all held in English, I often forget how many MBA38’s don’t have English as their first language. The comments that some of my classmates left is a classic example of just how diverse our class really is (make sure to click the photo to enlarge it.) Love!


Earlier convo during Italian class:

Italian teacher: ::to the class:: Come sei abbronzato! In English, do you say ‘How tan you are, or how tanned you are?”

Jonathan (from Canada): It’s ‘How tanned.’

Me: No, it’s ‘How tan, like You look tan,’ right?

Jonathan: Maybe it’s a Canada/America thing.

Me: ::turns to Milena:: What do you say – tan or tanned??

Milena (from Panama): You mean in SPANISH!?


Ps – Still waiting to hear if I’ve been saying tan/tanned wrong this whole time!

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