First Impressions of Milano

It’s been about a month since I arrived in Italy and after the craziness of moving and jumping into classes settled down I finally had a chance to start enjoy Milan! Precourses are almost over, the rest of the class gets in for Welcome Week next week, and this weekend about 50 current students and alums are heading to Portofino for the annual Rolex Regatta/MBA Cup that Bocconi hosts for many other top b-schools all over Europe and the US. On top of that, my wonderful mother flew into town on Friday dragging two giant suitcases filled with my stuff and has been helping me with errands and shopping this past weekend. This month has been hectic and stressful with school, but also exciting and fun with meeting my classmates and learning a new language. I’ll go into more detail about all this after my exams next week, but until then here are a few personal insights into my new city…

Things I love about Milan:
Crazy Lady Gaga-esque outfits for Fashion Week
The speedy standing-at-the-counter espresso runs
Guys in suits with motorcycle helmets
Guys in suits with gelato cones
Guys in suits with man purses
The classic Milanese style apartments and buildings

Things that I’m not thrilled about in Milan:
The overly excessive dog poop on the streets
The cigarette smell that gets into your clothes and hair after a night out
The beautiful fashion that’s sadly above my student budget

Things I’m learning and/or hope to learn during my time in Milan
The meanings of the numerous Italian hand gestures
That there aren’t enough hours in the day for an MBA student
A decent competency in Italian (check learning another foreign language off the list!)
How to rock heels on cobblestone streets
Sailing! Bring on the MBA Cup!

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