The Dining Table

When I moved into my new apartment I spent a few hours moving furniture around. I didn’t like how a certain piece looked in one room, it was too cluttered with the tables over in that corner, etc. I eventually switched out what would have been the dining room table with my desk that was in the bedroom to open up some space. Well, my neighbor (who I adore btw) came by tonight on her way back from class and made me laugh when she flat out told me she didn’t like the way I rearranged the furniture. There’s something about a person that speaks their mind that I really admire. But it did get me thinking. I’ve been to a few classmates apartments now and realized that there is a significance placed upon the dining room table that I had forgotten about. Back in New York, with the small spaces and the fact that people tend to go out more together for dinner as opposed to eating in, many of my friends choose to forego the traditional dining table (perhaps at most we can hope for a large enough coffee table.) As for myself, my 400 sq. foot studio wasn’t even big enough for that coveted coffee table. But one of the things I love most about the Italian culture is the high value placed on family life and social gatherings. I love that you will often see entire families, with different generations, out having a huge meal together. I realized that I had forgotten the importance of what the dining table actually represents: the idea of bringing family and friends together on a daily basis to laugh, share stories and enjoy each other’s company. And even though I live alone, the table could still be a place for my classmates and I to come unwind after a long day of classes and have a glass of wine together. Or ::gasp:: maybe even a modest meal, since I have no microwave or sizeable freezer and have been forced to cook. Perhaps I will make room for that dining table in my living room after all. To be continued…


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  1. professor

    Love it!! Very serene.

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