A good friend of mine recently told me that one of the things she liked most about reading my blog is that I say things as they are and keep it real. So even though I planned to keep some of this to myself (or to a few fortunate friends who get to hear me rant), I figured it would be best to be honest here:

B-school so far is ROUGH. And the school year hasn’t even officially begun!

As someone who doesn’t have a formal background in macro/microeconomics or accounting, I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. However, naturally the stubborn/proud/competitive side of me doesn’t really want to admit this (typical for a business student, right?) Throw in the international aspect of the program of learning a foreign language, and you can see how it easily adds up to be a little overwhelming. But after taking a few deep breaths (after, of course, panicking just a tad) I remembered that the reason I’m in this program is to not only push myself academically and become a stronger candidate for Dream Career ‘13, but to also grow in other ways that I wouldn’t have had I stayed in the States. Which includes adding competency in another language to my resume. And realizing my dream of living in another country for an extended period of time. And feeding myself for a full year in an apartment without a microwave.

So I take another deep breath, and stick my nose into my wonderful macroeconomics textbook to do my best to keep up with my quantitatively-inclined classmates. Because once I get back into the routine of full-time school, then I can start to really enjoy this city. And what a city it is!


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