And It Begins

Today was the first day of precourses, and even though it was an easier day I still feel wiped out.

This morning’s events went a little different than expected. Our first order of business for the day was a welcome meeting. Imagine 50 excited, fresh new faces, eagerly waiting to be introduced to our supportive and nurturing staff and directors.  Instead,we were scared out of minds, thanks to the MBA 37 class who played a massive prank on us. I’d love to go into detail on what they did to haze us, but why would I want to ruin the fun for the next class? Let’s just say it was equal parts terrifying and brilliant, and its safe to assume that it took everyone a few hours to get over. I’ll have to save the rest of the details for a more personal convo.

After the shenanigans were over and we made it through our first, four-hour block of quantitative methods, we attended an informal welcome cocktail hour with some current students and staff. The full welcome week and gala isn’t until October when actual classes begin, but it was still motivating to hear some of the experiences from last year’s class. I also spoke with a few people from Career Services who were excited about my interest in both the non-profit and international development sectors. I already have my eye on trying to snag a UN internship in Geneva for next summer (might as well go big), but they also mentioned a few other organizations in Rome or elsewhere that would be equally amazing.

Oh, and somewhere in the midst of all this we were invited to the Rolex MBA Regatta that Bocconi hosts each year for b-schools all over the world. What now? From what I hear, this is going to be quite an intense, albeit fun, year and I’m going to have to do my best to stay on top of things. Which probably means crawling out of bed and finding that quantitative methods exercise book our professor told us to look over tonight.

A better post about life in Milano to follow once my brain doesn’t feel like scrambled eggs.

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