Let’s Take The Scenic Route Turns 1!

Wow. Has it already been one year?

A year ago I wrote my first post for Let’s Take the Scenic Route. Back then, I wasn’t looking farther than the four month journey ahead and my blog was not much more than a way for my friends and family to keep tabs on me while I was galavanting around the world. I am grateful to have people in my life that encouraged me to continue with my blog and use it as not only a creative outlet but also a platform for some of my other interests. I do apologize for my lack of posts throughout the last two months (yes, my 3 loyal readers, I have received your complaints), but in all fairness I have a pretty sweet excuse for my online silence.

I haven’t officially posted this yet but I am so extremely stoked to write that in a few weeks I’ll be moving to Milan to get my MBA at one of Europe’s top b-schools, SDA Bocconi. These last 3 months have been a whirlwind of emotions from the round of victory shots when I first got word of my acceptance, to the tears of joy when I finally received my Italian visa after a lengthy and slightly-traumatizing experience, to the pouty face I made when I had to say goodbye to some of my dearest friends in New York. Leaving NYC was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be (after all, it was just a year ago that I was dying to get out) but the six years there didn’t leave me too much worse for wear and I wouldn’t be surprised if I came back sooner than expected anyway.

But today we look ahead! And to come full circle, I am also looking forward to seeing how my blog evolves in the next year as I start this new chapter in my life and throw down some semi-perma roots in Milano. Yes, there will be more food posts and possibly a few meltdown rants during my economics semester, but I’m mostly excited about what I’ll take away from being a part of a highly international class with so many different cultural backgrounds. Oh, and don’t worry, there is still plenty more traveling to be done.


I am so blessed by all that I have experienced this past year. To those in my life reading this, thanks for (willingly) joining me on the ride.

Looks like its time for a change of scenery yet again.

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  1. Rachel

    Love this!! This blog has been very much a source of entertainment/tracking device over the past year and I’m very excited to hear you will keep it up trough your next adventure! Love you P!!

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