Spain, The Football Dynasty

Sigh. The Euro 2012 Championships has ended. Don’t get me wrong, that was a happy sigh with Spain winning and all. Not every fan is fortunate to have 4 blissful years of straight wins with no tears shed (which I was pretty darn close to doing so both when I found out Villa was out on injury and when the US got knocked out of the ’10 World Cup.) The end of the Euro finals closes 3 weeks of beautiful football which, aside from being marvelous entertainment, was also simply a wonderful distraction (as is evident from the lack of my blog posts, woops.) I love this time of year because the football fans come out in full force – I’m so lucky to be in a city that has so many different places to watch the games. Even back home in LA it was a little bit harder to find good spots to watch some of the last World Cup games. I wish the country as a whole appreciated the sport more, but I hope that’ll change in time. Until then, I may just have to relocate to where the action’s at.

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