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You know, eating healthy is really hard for me. And it’s not because it’s difficult to find things to eat – I’ve actually been rather good about cooking for myself and adding a healthy amount of protein to my daily intake. My birthday is this weekend (Mother’s Day baby here, best gift ever!) and so a month ago my trainer friend put me on a wussy version of her intense lean protein diet. I had my doubts about it, and while I don’t stick to it all the time it has worked in helping me see results and also being more aware of what I eat. So here’s the bad part: when I do cheat and eat things I’m not supposed to, I am overcome with immense food guilt! Like even as I’m taking a bite I imagine the number of carbs vs proteins vs fats and thus the deliciousness factor is ruined.

(Can I also just add that I stopped midway through writing this blog to go mix myself a protein shake! I disgust myself.)

So I’m not saying its bad to eat healthy, of course not! I envy those people who are content with their salads and their almonds and their peanut butter spoonfuls. But then I think about my international food tour through Europe and how happy I was stuffing my face with macarons in Paris and bratwurst in Berlin and risotto in Milan. And it wasn’t even about how good it tasted, it was the feeling of absolute contentment and bliss of enjoying it all guilt-free. And well, that fact that I was in Europe didn’t hurt either.

So I’m throwing caution to the wind! Ok, not yet, but after I wear my little party dress this weekend I will! And what a better way to do that than by finding some of my favorite international treats right here in NYC. So in no particular order, here are a few must-eats for when you would rather enjoy what you’re eating instead of worrying about calories (boys, note that this right here is the way to my heart):

Mozzarella di Bufala -> Gallo Nero

Soup Dumplings –> Joe’s Shanghai

Korean Double Fried Chicken -> Boka

Dim Sum –> Ping’s

Sushi + Sake -> Haru

Bratwurst -> Bierhaus

Pizza -> Luzzo’s

Biryani – Biryani Cart

Enchiladas – Baby Bo’s

Boba ->Ten Ren’s Tea Time

Belgian Beer -> Vol de Nuit

Petit Fours & Raspberry Tarts -> Veniero’s

Gelato -> Grom

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