Japanese kid: Hello!
Me: Hello!
::Japanese kid continues to stare at me with a big grin::
Me: How are you?
Japanese kid: Happy!

Yeah, me too.

I friggin’ love Nagasaki. Last time I was here I remember saying if I could live anywhere in Japan I’d probably pick Kobe, but now Nagasaki is giving it a run for its money. I don’t know if it was because of the ridiculously warm weather, or the cute tram cars and the adorable stone bridges, or the fact that a cruise ship was docked and a ton of Euro foreigners speaking a jumble of different languages were walking around, but this town has just put me in the best mood ever.

I was sitting on the steps by Meganebashi ¬†(also known as Spectacles Bridge) basking in the sun and enjoying watching some little kids unsuccessfully try to capture massive koi fish from the river. Every now and then someone would walk by and we’d exchange a friendly konnichiwa. The people here are so nice. Soo, nice. It’s like no one ever has a bad day. I sat with a big smile on my face people watching and simply enjoying the quiet.

And then I thought about how weird it is, that even though I claim to love NYC because it’s so fast and big and bustling, it’s the smaller cities that get me everytime when I travel. Why is that? Is it because I just need to unwind after being cooped up in Manhattan? I, like many others living there, have a love/hate relationship with NYC. I keep telling myself I’m ready to leave, but then I figure I can only move somewhere that’s bigger. Louder. With more stuff going on and more people. Ugh, just thinking about it right now is overwhelming. Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe I could be satisfied living in a smaller spot – I mean Nagasaki isn’t exactly the boonies or anything, but it seems to be a smaller city thats lively yet also personal. Oh Nagasaki, if you only knew the impact you’re having on me. The fact that you look absolutely radiant with the cherry blossoms blooming doesn’t hurt, either.

More on the amazing sites of Nagasaki to follow…

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