I am fortunate to be in Japan this month because of the awesome annual March sumo tournament! I joined my sister and a bunch of her JET friends in Osaka and was very excited to see sumo for the first time. Yes, my only experience with this before has been watching people put on giant blow-up sumo outfits and run into each other – I know you know what I’m talking about. And well, I am pleased to report that the real thing is a helluva lot better. While we were there for about 5 hours, the pros came out about half way through and that was the real deal (you can spot the pros by their brightly colored garb.) I also loved that people of all ages were enjoying the sport – even a 5 year old girl a few rows behind us was screaming her head off for her favorite wrestlers.

Here are a few pics out of the hundreds we took that day – if you have a chance to attend the Grand Tournament in Osaka, do not pass it up!


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    I wanna sumo you!

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