Japandemonium: Take II

Hello from Japan! In case you didn’t know, Dream-Ality Travels is thrilled to be working with JNTO and JTA for the next two weeks as we explore Japan and do what we can to help rebuild the country’s tourism.  I first came to Japan last October and had such an amazing time – I am so excited to be back, to check out a few new cities and this time not be so clueless! I’ll be traveling up and down Japan and if things work out possibly going North to Sendai or Aomori. The itinerary isn’t quite set yet, but thanks to the beauty of the JR Railpass I have the luxury of deciding where to go last minute.

I have no idea how I managed to get up at 7am this morning. I think it was that pre-international adrenaline rush I get. Or maybe dread for the impending 14 hr flight. Whatever it was, once the plane took off I was quickly fast asleep. I was worried about being stuck in a center seat for one of the longest flights out there, but I flashed a few smiles and thanks to the amazing people at ANA I was moved up to a window seat in the exit row right before I boarded. Thanks, guys! It pays to ask nicely and perhaps look a little helpless. I felt giddy as I kicked my legs up in the air and didn’t have to bother anyone with moving when I needed to get up. I was quite possibly the happiest person in all of coach on that flight.

So here I am at the Khaosan Tokyo Kibuki, a sweet hostel that my sister recommended. The heated toilet seat in my room was a fantastic welcome back as well. I’m happy to be back in a social hostel setting, but tonight I must admit that I’m keeping my head down until I get a full night’s sleep and feel more like myself. I did take a fantastic stroll around the Asakusa area though which was surprisingly very peaceful for a Friday night. The above photo is of the Sensoji temple lit up. I’m looking forward to heading down south to Osaka tomorrow to meet up with Neetha! And on Sunday we are volunteering to help out with the typhoon recovery aid in Wakayama – cannot wait to share my experience with that.

Random tidbit: Because of my flight time and the direction I was heading, the entirety of my 14 hour flight over here was sunny. So weird.

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  1. Rachel

    have fun priya!!! lets catch up when youre back :) xoxo.

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