The Great New York Pizza Crawl

One of my good friends was in town from Seattle this past weekend and she had a craving for some GOOD New York pizza. I guess living here I kind of take it for granted, the great selection of pizza spots all around town that is. So how do you narrow down where to go? Well, here are a few of my favorite places to stuff your face with a slice (or five):

The Popular Spots:


We ended up going here on Saturday night and shooot, I forgot how long the line can be at places like these. No problem though! One medium and one large was a good amount for our table of four, and I highly recommend adding basil and roasted tomatoes to your list of toppings. Yes, the photo above is our delicious pizza from here. Oh, and make sure to avoid the location in Times Square and instead head to John’s on Bleecker.


Well, I kind of had to include this one, didn’t I? It takes me back to when I was a tourist here and would do the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to get my hands on some of that cheesy goodness. Well, Grimaldi’s is as good as everyone says it is, but now there’s a closer location on 6th Avenue in Chelsea so you don’t have to make the long commute. Not going to lie though, having it close by does take away some of its magic. Typical!


Came here last year when my cousins from upstate were looking for some good New York pizza (they are also fans of the chicken and rice cart, mmm.) The pizza was pretty good, and the location in SoHo was fantastic for following up dinner with some bar hopping. Speaking of which…

Best Slices After a Night Out:

Brick Oven Pizza

Hehe, there’s Kati Roll, Chicken and Rice, Papaya Dog and Brick Oven! Definitely some of the best post night-out food that New York has to offer (and hey, its not so bad at a more godly hour either!) This little gem is located on 3rd avenue, conveniently a few blocks away from my old stomping grounds, Banc Cafe (another fine NYC establishment.) You will not regret going here… well, not until the next morning at least. Hey, you only live once.

Pomodoro Ristorante Pizza

Oh crap, I almost forgot about Pomodoro. Another favorite late night spot once you had your fun across the way at Spring Lounge (aka: home base!) The cost of a slice is comparable to other popular pizza joints, but do be wary of ordering full pies because those are super pricey (guilty as charged.)

And The Ultimate:


I think in all of the pizza I’ve had since I’ve been here (and unfortunately for me, I’ve had quite a bit) this was the one night that I clearly remember having a HOLY COW WHAT IS THIS moment. Luzzo’s is known for its amazing thin crust pizza. I wish I could tell you which toppings we put on those bad boys because it was the best yumgasm ever, and it was even better because I was surrounded by fantastic company to make it an epic night of feasting. This place is pretty small and the wait can be rather long but the ambiance is pretty cool and oh man its just so worth it. Just go, go right now, and I as finish typing this sentence I am putting on my coat so I can go enjoy some myself! Enjoy!

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