The Soapbox Chronicles: Owning The Solo Bar Night


I’m a big proponent of solo travel. And obviously, with solo travel comes a lot of moments where you have to be comfortable by yourself whether it be at a restaurant, museum, bar, etc. However, while when traveling I typically force myself to go do things by myself, when I’m in my own city I often feel weird going places alone. This can definitely be said about the bar scene.

Sunday was a pretty brutal day: public transportation – 1, Priya – 0. Never take the bus to Woodbury Commons! And when I finally got back to the city all I wanted was a beer. And Blind Tiger, the bar on the corner, looked pretty damn appealing. So in the spirit of awkward solo moments, and to prepare myself for my upcoming Japan trip this week, I decided to head over and shamelessly have a drink by myself. Hey, it’s not like it’s date night!

What is it about women drinking alone that carries such a bad stigma anyway? No I’m not out patrolling for men, and no I don’t have my eye on the bartender either (Bayern jersey by the way, not bad!) – can’t I just want a good draught beer. And I must admit, the Allagash Four pint with the Man U match on in the background really hit the spot. It also helped that I had to walk all of 100 feet to get back to the apartment anyway. West Village, I love you.

Women, let’s own the solo bar scene – guys shouldn’t have all the fun.

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