The Power of Photography: *March Forth With 100cameras

Photo by Buba, a 14 year old girl at St. Bartholomew’s Orphanage

I know a lot of you travelers out there are obsessed with photography like I am. What is it that draws you in about it? Yes, its great to capture memories from your vacation, and most people don’t travel without one (or three) cameras on hand, but for many of us photography is more than just having pictures from your last trip to show off to your friends. For me, photography got me through a low point in my life a year ago when I was feeling inadequate and very unhappy. I decided to take part in a photography project where you take a photo a day, and soon I found myself seeing the world in a different way. Suddenly the park I walked by on my way home every day was now full of amazing images of children playing, beautiful graffiti art, and bustling NYC city life. It’s going to sound cliche here but seriously, the city felt more alive and beautiful than ever and I was thrilled to be a part of it. More importantly, I found joy and pride in photography and took back a feeling of self-worth that I had started to lose.

When I was at the Eventbrite “Do Right Be Brite” brunch last month, I heard about this fantastic organization called 100cameras. Cameras? Helping out disadvantaged youth in South Sudan? My interest was piqued. 100cameras is a non-profit that provides children with cameras so they can take photographs in their towns and share their story and their own personal viewpoint with the world. 100cameras sells the photos on their website and 100% of the profits goes towards the children’s physical needs and creating sustainable growth in their community. Not only is 100cameras raising funds to assist children in need, but they are also empowering these kids by teaching them new skills, increasing their self-confidence, and helping them create a positive change in their community. Furthermore, its also increasing global awareness and providing an easy (and fun!) way for us to give back and help out these communities. Amazing.

Photo by Kiden, a 16 year old girl at St. Bartholomew’s orphanage

Photo by Josephine, a 14 year old girl at St. Bartholomew's Orphanage

Tots on Pots, photo taken by 100cameras staff

Currently, 100cameras has projects in South Sudan, Cuba and New York. Interested in learning more? Visit the 100cameras website where you can read the bios of each child photographer and see the photos that they’ve taken. They are also always looking for people interested in volunteering their skills, whether it be through event planning, photography, marketing, etc. Feel free to check out the 100cameras Facebook page and find out more about the organization and ways to get plugged in.

Maybe now you’ll look at your camera a little differently.


*March Forth is a campaign where 100 bloggers like yours truly are talking about the awesome work that 100cameras is doing. Get it? March Forth on March 4th? Those clever kids. Get involved and help spread the word!

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