New York, New Site!

Thank you California for a relaxing few weeks of sun and fun day trips. It was the perfect way to unwind after 3 months of hopping all over the world. I’m now on my way back to home base in the heart of it all: New York!

In keeping with the tradition of making resolutions and changes for the New Year, I have been busy plotting, planning, editing and re-editing my old Tumblr account in order to move it to a new domain. And here we are now, with hot out of the oven! I am very excited to continue my blog on this new site, and look forward to what I hope will be a very promising and adventurous year for all of us.

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3 Responses to New York, New Site!

  1. tim

    it was so great seeing you again, priya!!! :) san diego was amazing!!

  2. tim

    and by the way, im totally diggin the new site!!!!

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