Just Another Day in Paradise Island

So many of you are familiar with Atlantis, the massive waterpark in the Bahamas. And if you haven’t been there, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth all the hype (and the steep hotel/ticket prices.) Well, the answer is yes! Or at least partially yes. I’ll explain.

I was pretty excited when I found out we were stopping at Nassau. I’m not a huge water park person myself, but from what I’ve heard Atlantis is supposed to be kinda awesome so how could I pass up the opportunity to go? And well, the visit pretty much made me feel like a giddy little kid again, running from one water slide to the next and screaming my head off as I hit the drop, and jumped up shouting “again!” Man, I forgot how fun water parks are, but now I fear that all others may be ruined for me! Atlantis has everything to visually stimulate you: from multiple giant swimming pools with a beautiful coastline in the background to snorkeling areas and a dolphin cay to even a fantastic waterside that takes you through a shark tank. I myself am a beach bum and could spend hours napping in the sand, but I loved the convenience of being on the beach and walking over to a 120 ft drop water slide for an adrenaline rush, then stopping by a pool for a warm swim before returning to my towel. I absolutely recommend visiting Atlantis if you are ever in the Bahamas, and here’s a tip to make the trip more affordable:  If you are planning on staying in Nassau (instead of just doing a day trip with a cruise like I did) then save some money and stay at the Comfort Suites next door instead of at the resort. The hotel is closeby and you receive day passes to the waterpark with your room. The resort itself looks beautiful, but if you are the 90% of travelers that can’t afford it but you still want to check out the park then this is definitely the way to go. So head over to the Bahamas already – the lost city is waiting for you!

Challenger slides

Aquaventure shark tank waterslide (featuring Mom and Dad)

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