Our Own Private Island – Carnival’s Island in the Bahamas

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed about having your own private island! My best friend Dory and I like to daydream that one day we’ll have enough money to afford our own (New York Mag wrote a blurb about a tiny island that was a mere $8 million, what a steal!) Until that becomes a reality, Half Moon Cay will just have to do. Half Moon Cay, or Half Moon Key as the locals call it, is Carnival’s own private island in the Bahamas. And by locals I am referring to the twenty or so people that live on the island year round (not including the resident horses that love a good swim.) When a cruise ship rolls in, the staff on board also hops off and helps take care of everyone’s needs. Can I just say that the cruise staff is amazing! They really do it all, and they make the experience so wonderful. The morning we rolled into our own private island (I love saying that) it was a little rainy and cloudy. Fortunately, we had booked a cabana for the day and so we had shelter during the intermittent rain showers. I highly recommend reserving a cabana on this island if you are cruising with Carnival – it really is what saved us from having the day rained out. Also, it’s great for relief from the scorching hot sun as well since there aren’t umbrellas on the beach. The cabanas each seat up to 8 people, and comes with a table, some comfortable chairs to lay out in and also a stocked fridge with snacks and drinks. They also provide snorkel gear and some mats to float around in.

The island is huge and also has plenty of things to do to keep you busy. As I mentioned before there are horses on the island and on one excursion you can take a beach walk and swim while on the horses. While I didn’t do that, I did manage to get some quality time with the horses when I walked over to the corral. I would definitely recommend doing that if you come to Half Moon Key because the staff is so welcoming and went out of their way to let me pet the horses. Just go past the cabanas all the way down the beach and you’ll see them along the shore.

Half Moon Key was fantastic. When my sister and I emerged from the ocean after snorkeling right on the shore I remember thinking, “Yeah, I could definitely get used to this lifestyle.”  Maybe my next chapter should include relocating to an island and trading in my impatient New Yorker style with a laid back islander mentality. Can I bottle this attitude and take it with me at the very least?

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