Island in the Sun – Fabulous Grand Turk

Blue waters with white sand, a speeding catamaran, a captain’s rum special in my hand and “I love my life” blaring from the speakers with some Caribbean diving instructors dancing by the sail: every little ting’s gonna be alright.

It’s day 3 of my Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Destiny. Today we landed in Grand Turk and spent the morning laying out on the beach. The fish came right up alongside you as you stood in the water. In the afternoon Neetha and I hitched a ride on a snorkel excursion and took a catamaran to a prime snorkeling area. We were in water that was about 40-60 feet deep, but right alongside it is the drop-off which is this gigantic 7,000 foot drop down. Pretty cool to see. I also got to play with a new toy: a fun digital underwater camera! A must for water adventures. After snorkeling and getting up close and personal with some big fish we headed over to Governor’s Beach, a secluded spot of beautiful white sand that was just picture perfect. The crew brought some rum ashore (one of them called himself Dr. Feel Good, he’s awesome) and we continued the party on land with more music and swimming. Overall the catamaran/snorkeling excursion was about 3 hours and cost $90, which to me is absolutely worth it. Just zipping by the island on a catamaran with the wind in your hair and the beautiful scenery all around you makes it great, and the added snorkeling with a great crew makes it memorable. Carnival has many snorkel/scuba excursions but they do fill up fast so make sure to book in advance if you ever take one of their cruises. Tell Dr. Feel Good I said hello if you go!

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