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After an emotional and exhausting week, I headed to San Francisco to relax with some close friends from college. Shirin lives downtown, just up the street from Union Square. If you have ever been to SF, you know that I’m not lying when I say Up – her studio was atop one of the many steep streets that gives San Fran its character. Good on the thighs, at least.

San Francisco is very much a laid-back, mini New York. It has so much packed into such a small space, but with much less foot traffic than you would find in the Big Apple. We were surprised to find that we had the streets to ourselves on Sunday when we took a stroll through the town. On Friday night we went bar hopping on Polk Street, a great place if you are looking for a mix of bars and lounges. I recommend The Bigfoot Lodge if you are looking for a low-key, unpretentious vibe with a good crowd. We ended the night chatting it up with some other SF folk on the street, I do love the friendliness of Californians. Another great part of San Fran that we checked out was the Ferry Building which is at the bottom of Market Street. The Ferry Building has a fantastic marketplace with many delicious gourmet food and craft stores. You can also get a great view of the Bay Bridge from outside, and check out a cool art installation and ice skating rink across the street. Must do!

It was a laid-back weekend for me since I hadn’t had a chance to relax after coming back from India, but you can find lots more to do if you are visiting SF for the first time. I love California, and I can guarantee that you won’t regret stopping by here.


Bay Bridge, San Francisco

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