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My month in India has come to an end, which also means its time for me to return to the States (for now.) I had such an incredible journey through Europe, Japan and India, and learned so much about people:

– Europe was an amazing experience in independent backpacking, and showed me how amazing and friendly fellow backpackers can be.

– I was blown away by Japan’s customs and how kind and helpful the Japanese people are. On the flight back from India, I had a layover in Tokyo and wanted to just get off the plane and stay for a bit longer.

– India reminded me of the importance of family and I love the respect that Indians show to their elders and family members. It also strengthened my bonds with my cousins, and gave me exposure to starting up an organization.

I went on this trip to see different parts of the world and meet new people, and what I got out of these past few months far exceeded my expectations. The irony is that it was just when I was feeling comfortable in one place, I had to pop over to the next one. All 3 places were entirely different, and yet I still felt the same sadness every time I had to leave. I’m so blessed to have had this experience, and I feel that this is only the jumping off point for more international adventures in the future. I am also strongly drawn to living in Europe at some point — the sooner the better, so lets get that started!

I’m currently in Seattle and will be spending the rest of December all over Cali. More pictures and posts to come, I’m not done just yet!

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