The Royal Treatment – Being Pampered in Chennai

Chennai doesn’t have many of the everyday luxuries that folks back home are used to:  instantly hot showers, clean drinking water from the tap, a bug-free/dirt free/mosquito free home. Everyone’s feet are constantly dirty because you just can’t keep the dirt out, no matter how much you clean. But when you really want to just get away and pamper yourself, you can always turn to The Park! The Park is a fancy hotel that has a decadent spa on the top floor that’s one of the best in India. Arun had suggested getting massages a few weeks back, so on Saturday Hannah and I decided to treat ourselves. We each had a fantastic 1 hr massage, followed by a 30 minute sea salt body scrub. A tiny Asian chick got up on the table with me and got all the kinks out of my shoulders and back. Even though I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as when I sat at a computer for 8 hrs a day, I still had some knots from traveling and really enjoyed the massage. It was my first time getting a body scrub, and I also loved the total exfoliation. What a great end of the trip splurge.

After that royal treatment, I met my aunt and uncle on my dad’s side who live in Chennai. They picked me up and took me to a delicious dinner at the Breeze Hotel across town. I loved hearing stories about my dad and my grandma from them. My aunt even said that my grandma was the best mother-in-law ever, and we know that those two don’t always go hand in hand together. It was such a pleasure to catch up with them – because of the distance, I’m not as close to my dad’s side of the family as I’d like to be. I hope that changes soon with more frequent visits.

(Jasmine strands from The Breeze Hotel)

On Sunday, the royal treatment continued as all of us returned to The Park Hotel for their delicious buffet brunch with unlimited drinks. Not a bad way to spend time with my four cousins who I don’t get to see nearly enough! I definitely recommend hitting up The Park Hotel for their spa or restaurants (or actual hotel rooms if you can afford it!)

(Variety of chutneys from The Park Hotel)

Total cost of Swedish massage + sea salt body scrub = $80 (including tip)


Quote Book:
(to all those that appreciate dad jokes – this one was especially hilarious because my dad and his brother obviously have the same cheesy sense of humor)

Me: Oh, cows! I really want to take a picture of them, but are they going to charge me??

Uncle: Yes, they’re going to charge you 10 rupees for taking a photo.

::wahh wahh::

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