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Fun fact: Kobe has a large Indian population and is said to have the best Indian food in Japan.

Thursday was a holiday in Japan and so my sister and I decided to do an overnight trip in Kobe, which is about 30 minutes outside of Osaka. Kobe is so cool, I’m really glad we decided to go there. Ok, another guilty confession: the main reason I wanted to go to Kobe was because of a giant robot statue. First giant rocks and now giant robots. But it was really impressive! In 1995, the Great Honshin earthquake hit and Kobe was one of the cities that was hit the worst. Years later, to symbolize the strength and resilience of the city (and the reconstruction of the area) a non-profit decided to create the Kobe Project, otherwise known as GIGANTOR, an 18 meter tall robot. Sugoi! Well, as awesome as Gigantor was, I’m also happy to report that the rest of the city was pretty impressive too. Neetha and I indulged on some Kobe beef for lunch (oishii!) and did some shopping by the harbor. Neetha found a Totoro store and was ecstatic. After lunch we found ourselves in Kitano, a part of town eerily resembled different Cali cities like San Francisco and Ventura. Lots of cute stores and cafes, and tons of steep hills to climb. It was also had a good representation of different countries with places like a Swiss restaurant on one corner, followed by a Tin Tin store and then an Indian spice store. If I could live in Japan I think it’d be cool to live in that area. Anyway, Neetha’s friends met us up in Kobe and we took the cable cars up the mountain to see the view and check out the famous herb garden. I really enjoyed this part: the view of the city and the ocean behind it was awesome, and the garden was huge. Kobe is such a cute, romantic city and there were many couples just lounging on the grass enjoying the city view and the different flowers. I read that many people that work in Osaka prefer to commute from Kobe and now I see why. I’d highly recommend a night or two here for anyone that’s thinking of visiting Japan. Make sure you go say hello to my boy Gigantor too!


Our slab of Kobe beef, before our chef cooked it in front of us. Wakkoqu, Kobe

Gigantor! Kobe Project

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden, Mt. Maya


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