Trick or Treat – Halloween in Osaka

You know you’re in Japan when you help your sister create a Halloween costume off the One Piece anime for her classes.

Friday was a big day for Neetha’s kids: we made pumpkin cake cookies! Which may not seem so hard, but imagine a class of 30 antsy kids each trying to decipher an English recipe and racing each other to be done first. Then add messy ingredients like flour and eggs, and varying measurements of different spices. And now, multiply that by 4, for 4 classes. Phew! It was kind of intense. Neetha’s friend Marissa was also there to help out -with her and Neetha’s JT (the Japanese English teacher) there were four adults supervising, but even that was barely enough to keep up with them. However, I’ll admit that for the most part the cookies turned out pretty tasty! There was one memorable group however: their mix looked very similar to peanut butter. Neetha and Marissa tasted the mix while the poor kids all watched them with big eyes waiting to see what they thought. Someone must have mixed up the sugar bowl with the salt bowl and the girls had to downplay their reactions as best as they could and try to fix it. But even with additional pumpkin, vanilla and brown sugar there was no saving it and that group baked about 30 deceivingly delicious-smelling salt cookies. Oh well, one baking disaster for the whole day isn’t bad. The classes were a lot of fun, and Neetha’s kids are all pretty sweet. Neetha’s costume turned out to be awesome and the kids all freaked out when they saw her and loved it. She had the rest of us dress up as characters from One Piece as well which also turned out well. She’s always been into anime and her crazy costume definitely wouldn’t have worked as well in The States. She’s so happy here (for more reasons than just anime of course) and it’s great to see her doing so well and in her own element: she has truly found the right place for herself here in Japan.

Some second years checking out their finished products. Since Japanese food tends to be more bland, the kids generally like the cookies that tasted less like pumpkin the best. Go figure.


Tomorrow we have our own Halloween celebration in Osaka with more of Neetha’s JET friends! Priya the Warrior Princess and Ms. Neetha Taxi are really looking forward to it.

Neetha as Bon Clay from One Piece.

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