2 Month Mark of Traveling

Timmy left on Wednesday to head back to Cali after two weeks of frolicking around Japan with me. We had a ton of fun and I’m so glad he made it out here. Wednesday also marked my 2 month point with my travels! It made me start to reflect on some of the things I’ve accomplished and experienced on this journey so far:

– Solo adventuring. Not only was it my first time traveling solo, it was also my first time backpacking! And now after backpacking through 13 cities in Europe and 5 cities in Japan, I feel like a pro.

– Trying new foods in Japan! Ok, I’m a little ashamed to admit this but I tried some horse meat in Fukuoka. Tim made me! Ok, he didn’t but curiosity won me over and I figured I needed to try it once. I also ate several new fish I hadn’t really had before (did you know sea urchin sushi uses their reproductive parts?) as well as pieces of chicken liver and hearts, and lots and lots of squid.

– Being comfortable with not being defined by my job. A friend of mine from New York once mentioned how women tend to ask him what his profession is before they ask for his name. It’s true, often times we are more inclined to make assumptions about people based on what they do rather than who they are. So I cringed when I first thought about having to explain to people that I’m unemployed by choice. What does that say about me? Am I going to look like a total slacker? Will anyone take me seriously? But from traveling these past few months I’ve met many people that are doing the same thing, and these are some amazing, successful people in their own right. It’s so refreshing to get to know someone without knowing (or caring) about their resume. For me this brief hiatus from the working world has been a truly liberating experience. For years, I’ve been unhappy with my job titles and responsibilities. I’ve also been majorly humbled – originally I thought I would have started this great career out of college and due to certain events and decisions it didn’t happen that way. As of late, I’ve had to take a look in the mirror and tell myself that my job title doesn’t reflect who I am, but that I need to do what I can to take charge of my own happiness. I thought maybe I’d feel a little lost without a job but I feel more like myself now than I did this past year. As much as I love traveling and living this crazy lifestyle, I want to and will go back to a job (and soon because these rent checks aren’t growing on trees!) But for these few months its been wonderful to explore and find out more about myself and the people and cultures around me. I hope that I can use this experience to find a career that compliments my interests and talents instead of masking it.

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