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So as I briefly mentioned earlier, the main reason I decided to revisit Tokyo was because Tim wanted to see one of his favorite trance DJs at a nightclub there. Club ageHa is this huge club that’s situated past a river to drown out the loud bass that plays all night. It had several different rooms with DJs playing different types of music. There were about 2,000 people there, and go figure some of the first people we meet are a couple of UCI kids that are studying abroad here. Oh Irvine, zot zot. Above & Beyond was pretty fantastic, and Tim pulled us up to front row center as soon as it began. This was Tim’s sixth time seeing them but he said it was by far the best one. Apparently the guys started out in Tokyo and the crowd was obsessed with them. Best part was that no one was pushing so we weren’t suffocated at the front, how often does that happen at shows?! We ended up leaving the club after 5am as the sun was coming up, even though other DJ’s had come on after them and the place was still bumping. Of course we got lost on the subway getting back and by the time we got back to the hostel it was past 7am. Good news is that 7am meant the start of free breakfast at the hostel so we headed straight for the kitchen. I’m sure everyone enjoyed watching two sweaty kids still dressed from their night out (and probably me with eye makeup down to my cheeks) walk in and grab some seats. Needless to say, we didn’t get much of an early start on Sunday. We had been wanting to have some GOOD soba for a while now and I did some research and found a really cool restaurant that was built in 1880 and is now hidden amidst skyscrapers. It was a super cute spot with a bamboo garden entrance and a really peaceful, chill ambiance. And the soba was amazing! So healthy and light and filling all at the same time. Great way to end our lazy Sunday, and our short but fun weekend in Tokyo.


Senso-ji Temple. Asakusa, Tokyo


Kando Yabu soba restaurant


Above & Beyond at Club ageHa

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