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These past two days have been super relaxing. After almost nonstop travel for 3 weeks (which was preceded by almost nonstop travel for 4 weeks!) I decided to take a few days off and chill at my sis’ place. Tim hung out for one night but then went on to Kyoto for 2 days. Having just been in Kyoto a few weeks ago with my parents I decided to skip it and save some money for once. Neetha lives in a cute small town in the mountains, which everyone references as the country. When Tim first saw the town he started singing the Beauty and the Beast song (“There goes the baker with his tray like always…”, I know you know it!). We laughed about it but when I told Neetha she realized that her mornings are just like that: walking to school and everyone saying “Good Morning Nisa!” in their best English. Ahh, life in a small town where everyone knows your name and probably too much of your business.

On Thursday night I got to meet some of Neetha’s JET friends. Since the night was surprisingly warm for October, they decided to have a BBQ by the river. We grilled meat and ate pizza and laughed – I really enjoyed hanging out with them. Its great that my sister has made some good friends out here – it is so crucial when you’re living abroad. It takes ambition and guts to do something like this, and because of that you always meet some cool people in these programs. It was the same when we visited Neefs in Africa when she was doing the Peace Corps. I’ve been trying to get Tim to apply to JET but I don’t know if he’s too lazy or scared or what. Yes Tim, I’m calling you out! Peer pressure, everyone! I think he’d enjoy it so much. Anyway, the following night we hit up a shopping mall that was an hour away, but since it was an indoor mall with a Starbucks and KFC it was kind of a big deal and worth the commute. After forgetting my running shoes in New York when I was last home, I finally caved in and bought a new pair. Now I have no more excuses not to run, uh oh. Neetha’s town is great for running though since it has such great scenery and a beautiful river that runs right along it. Anyone who has worked out with me knows that outdoor running is one of my least favorite workouts, but until I can get back to my kickboxing classes in New York this will have to suffice. After Japan I head to India where the food is so good so it’ll be all downhill from there if I don’t get my act together now.

Well, on second thought, I do realize that I have a night full of calorie-burning tonight! One of Tim’s favorite trance DJ’s is playing in Tokyo and I’m currently on the Shink to meet him there now. Tim’s pretty stoked about seeing them in Japan, and I’m excited to finally check out a DJ with him, even though I’m a little wary since trance isn’t typically my kind of music. Should be a fun and different experience regardless though. How many calories can I burn dancing until 5am?

Best purchase of the week: Cheap cuffed jean shorts found at a grocery store in Shimoichi. Win!

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