Can You Hear My Heart Beating Like a Hammer?

Do you remember as a kid having your friends bury you in sand at the beach? Or maybe burying your friend as a prank? Well, that’s exactly what Tim and I paid ¥1000 to have done to us today! Except this time it was at a spa called Saraku Sunamushi Onsen on the southern coast of Japan in a small town called Ibusuki. Ibusuki beaches are known for being hot from the natural subterranean geysers below. In fact, if you were to dig a hole in the beach with a shovel you would see steam rising from the sand. So cool, right? While we were simmering in our bath I noticed how my whole body was pulsating from my heart beat – the hot sand is supposed to be great for improving blood circulation. The hot sand bath only lasts for about 10 minutes because it’s so warm and they don’t want you to overheat, but the experience was superb nonetheless. Both Tim and I were about to fall asleep while we were tucked into the sand beds. The view of the water and the mountains in the skyline was also great! After we got out we went into our respective gender-divided bathhouses where I leisurely swam in the hot spa and relaxed in the 83 degree celcius sauna. We both came out of the resort feeling ridiculously chill and refreshed. I could get used to this lifestyle.

Before: Stoked for our hot sand bath!!


After: So happy and warm while buried!!


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