Some Like it Hot – The Onsen Experience in Sakurajima

Ash all over Kagoshima

I’m on an island of an island! And I’m loving it. Tim and I headed south today for Kagoshima to hit up one of their surrounding islands and some onsens. We dumped our luggage in our room and grabbed an afternoon ferry to Sakurajima which is known for having an active volcano. Even when you walk around Kagoshima you see black ash all over the streets. It seems like the volcano goes off around once an hour (that’s what we noticed at least, maybe it’s more) and it was really cool to see. If only we had had more time to explore the lava field like I wanted to! We headed over to an outdoor co-ed onsen that Neetha went to with her friends and recommended. Most onsens have single sex rooms since you bathe nude, but this one gives you robes to wear in the water so Tim and I could hang out together. The onsen was on the side of the mountain with this rad tree with twisted roots at the center of it. It was really relaxing to sit in the hot water and have stunning views of Kinko Bay and the sun setting, knowing that you don’t have anywhere else you need to be. Every now and then Tim and I will yell out “Holy cow were in the south of JAPAN.” So wild that I’ve been here for 3 weeks now. And Tim! I don’t even think he knew he was coming here a month ago! Gotta love the spontaneity. It’s been wonderful having my best friend around – we haven’t been able to hang out this much since college. In Fukuoka we had a 3 hour dinner full of sweet sake and fantastic conversation. Going back to normal life after my travels will be tough because I definitely don’t miss the 9-5 and the Routine. Tomorrow we may hit up Ibusuki for a hot sand bath. Life. Is. Good.

Mt. Sakurajima, the very active volcano south of Kagoshima.

Furosato outdoor onsen


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