My Own Japanese Fan Club

I finally got the fan club I never knew I wanted! And it’s made up of giggly, screaming Japanese middle-school girls from Neetha’s school. On Friday, we went to check out where she teaches and the principal and vice principal were very kind in showing us around for the school and neighborhood. We took a tour of the campus, stopping in at different classes and seeing what everyone was learning. When we stepped into one third-year class, we were greeted by a sudden outburst of shrieks. I turn to see one girl standing on a chair looking at me with her arms held out. Immediately her and 3 of her closest friends rush me and come so close to my face that it was awkward. But they all thought I was “super cute” and were interested in my favorite singer and other very important facts about me. We even held hands in a circle and jumped around together. Even Neefs was a little taken aback with how excited they got, but she thinks it’s because I’m the same height as them… and maybe because I have bangs. Later, the Vice Principal took us on a tour to see a beautiful shrine up in the woods and when we returned Neetha handed me a small folded up pink note from one of the girls which was so cute. Ohh, I haven’t gotten a note since high school! Takes me back! Thanks, girls for making me feel like a teenager again. :)

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