What Time Zone Am I In Again?

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Initial thoughts on Japan:

– For being such a tech savvy country, wi-fi is incredibly hard to find! Fail.

– The vending machines here sell HOT delicious coffee with milk and sugar. Win!

– Japan. Is. So. Cold.

– It sometimes too quiet here. We walked back from the Fish Market on Monday morning during rush hour, and it was so eerie standing at a busy crosswalk with dozens of people and not hearing a single peep. Where are the loud phone calls, the text message beeps, the cab honks? Nope, just people waiting patiently to cross the street in silence. So different from the busy New York streets.

– It cracks me up that when the train doors are about to close, a pleasant 5-second Disney-esque chime plays. Hilarious.

– No diet coke here?! Ahhh!!!

It’s Day 5 of being here and my jet lag is only now starting to wear off. I blame that on my crazy parents who wear me out with all the sightseeing. Traveling with them has been so different from the lazy style I’ve been accustomed to in Europe. But it hasn’t been that bad since the time difference makes me wake up at weird hours of the morning anyway. Today I got out of bed at 9:30am (latest I’ve slept in yet!), took a long hot shower, put on a soft cozy bathrobe and read the morning paper. Ahh, its so good to be spoiled with a nice hotel. Definitely a major perk of family vacations, thanks parentals! We’re here in Kyoto today and tomorrow, then head to my sister’s town late tomorrow night. Tokyo was cool but so so busy and overwhelming. Kyoto seems to be more my speed. We hit up an awesome restaurant tonight recommended by my cousin and had some amazing Kobe beef. Drooool, it was so delicious! So juicy and tender and just ah, the way a good steak should be. Too bad I can’t afford to eat that more often.

My BFF Tim is visiting in a week and I’m sure we’ll hit up some awesome spots together to do some major partying. Tim, we should check out the bar/restaurant in Tokyo from Lost in Translation!

Still can’t believe I’m in JAPAN. So weird being 13 hours ahead of my NYC friends. My world clock is currently programmed with LA, NYC, Milan, Chennai and Osaka – a lot to keep straight so apologies to anyone that I may accidentally text at 3am! I’m still learning.

Pictures to come soon when I have better wifi!

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