Ok, it’s no contest that European men win the award for best dressed (dare I even say Italian men.) But women’s fashion, who wins that? The chic Parisians? The trendy females in Praha? The dolled up women in Milano? No, I think it’s safe to say that Japanese women have this one in the bag, or at least the city girls. Everyone is so fashionable here, from their frilly socks and booties all the way to their hair accessories and perfectly done make up. I found myself gawking at every girl and coveting at least one of the pieces she was wearing. And then there’s me with my rainbows and ripped up jeans: major Frumpelstiltskin. I vowed then and there to get the Japanese fashion right. Above the knee socks, booties, cuffed shorts, mismatched prints, a cute hair tie. I can pull this off, right? Ok maybe the cheap junior high version at least. I have found my mission for the next month.

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