Something Fishy’s Going on Here: The Tokyo Fish Market

What the heck, I’m in Japan? Last week I was in Italy and this morning I was in NYC and now I’m here.

Majorly surreal.

Japan has been very cool so far. What a different type of trip from Europe! I met my parents and sister in Tokyo this past weekend, and we spent a few days checking out the busy streets and exploring beautiful temples in the outskirts of the city. This morning my parents and I woke up at 3am (yes, you read that right) and went to the fish market. A friend of mine just recently told me about a show he watched on tv about it and how interesting it was, so I knew I couldn’t miss it. We got to see GIGANTIC pieces of fish pieces and witness some of the auction. After that, my dad and I stepped into one of the small sushi restaurants next door and had the freshest sushi I have ever had in my life. I’m a fan of eel but this eel was on a whole other level. So soft and delicious, and my dad commented on how it didn’t even have that fishy taste a lot of sushi has. I was very proud of my dad because he does not eat sushi, but there he was next to me eating squid and whatever else I put on his plate for him. Sushi at 6am – now that’s a first!

Tokyo Fish Market - 5:30AM


The freshest unagi I have ever had in my life!


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