Hello Brooklyn

So I’m back in NYC and it’s supposed to feel like home. Except it doesn’t because a stranger is sleeping in my bed! And using my fridge. And showering in my tub. Sigh. Subletting my apartment was a lifesaver, and the only way I could afford taking off and traveling for so long, but oh I kinda wish I could just walk into my place right now! I guess it’s fine because I’m only here for 3 days and my friends have all offered up their apartments to me. Thanks, friends! I’m staying at Es’ place in Brooklyn, which is kinda funny since I don’t know my way around her neighborhood at all and I feel like I’m still backpacking in a new city. She even drew me a map!

Well, it’s all good. What really makes a place feel like home are the people in it, and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends tonight and catching up on what I’ve missed this past month. Can’t wait!

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