Now I remember why I love Italy so much. Because the Italians spoil you to death! Firenze was fantastic. I was only there 24 hours but loved it. I wasn’t planning on going, but a friend who lives there asked me to stop by so I scrapped my night in Venice and headed south. Venice is too romantic anyway and may have killed my travel buzz, next time! I met up with my friend for dinner and I was greeted to Florence with great food, even better wine, and interesting conversation. We went to one of his favorite restaurants and ate, and ate, and ate. Oof! Everything he ordered was amazing, including the risotto that was originally a mistake on the menu because they mixed the wrong ingredients, but turned out to be delicious so they kept it. Gah, I love the food in Italy! My friend said that I should spend a month in Florence and that he could find me a nice apartment for pretty cheap. Definitely something to remember, that soils be fantastic! Anyway, he suggested walking around the artisan shops on Via Santo Spirito so that’s what I spent the following day doing: slowly walking past every boutique shop and peeking into every artist’s studio. Very cool to see. After wandering the streets for a few hours, I returned to my hostel where the owners kid proceeded to attack me, showing me everything he owns and managing to stick things in my purse when I wasn’t looking. I can only hope he didn’t take something when I wasn’t looking. Cute kid, but man I am so not ready for one of my own. On the other hand, Aja is so ready, and Monica just popped out her second! Congrats, Mo! I’m coming in December – deja vu!

Ponte Vecchio

So my last hostel was in Florence – I survived!! Phew! There were a few times where I wasn’t sure if I would, but other times I felt like I was at a high end hotel or a good friends apt. All in all, I would definitely hostel it up again. is the best.

On my last train now to Milano. Eagerly waiting for my welcome drink and snack. First class, I’ll miss you! See, Italy does spoil you.


Quote Book
Florence friend: I love my mom. And I’m not just saying that because I’m Italian.

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