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I had quite an interesting night last night. After arriving in Rimini and having a 4 person room to myself for a few hours, I wasn’t too happy when 3 Brits walked in. They’re in the Air Force and are taking a long weekend off to take part in the Scally Rally. Yeah, I’ve never heard of it before either. But they explained it to me and it sounded pretty cool: a 4-day road trip that takes you from the top of Britain all through Europe and ends up in Rimini. Talk about intense! It gets better – you have to have a banger, a run down car that you can’t spend more than 100£ on. I don’t even think my car now can make that trip! But each team has a name and a theme and you get to paint your car however you want (costumes/props optional), Throughout the road trip you have to stop and do different challenges to win points, and then they announce the winners and give out trophies at the end. So the official Scally Rally 2011 wrap party was last night, and the guys asked me if I wanted to come. I decided to join them, not knowing whether it would be a bust or not. But I ended up having a really fun night! I got to meet some of the other teams, see some pictures of their cars, and of course see many pictures of people planking all over Europe which was the big theme of the event. My roommates even won the Scally trophy which goes out to the team who never gave up and has great spirit — their car broke down halfway through and they had to spend a fortune fixing it but they didn’t let that stop them. Cru, I immediately thought of you guys and how it would be so much fun to do this with you three. They also have a US version I hear, but the Europe one sounds more fun. And you can fundraise for a charity if you want too, sounds good to me! Everyone there was in such good spirits and so fun. I got into a convo with a father/son team, the son is only a few years younger than me and the Dad wanted to do a father/son bonding trip before the son got too old. He said that his son wasn’t too excited about it in the beginning, but ended up really enjoying himself. And it looks like they all did, so maybe the Scally Rally will be in my future one day too!

Rimini roomies with their car Wilma, short for Will-my-car-start.


I marveled at how once again I found myself in a unique situation I never expected with a group of people I never would have met otherwise. What I really want to know is how I can live my normal life like this – keep myself open to possibilities and new experiences without the routine of everyday life holding me back. Something to think about, but I wish I could life on “vacation mode” more often.


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Father (of father/son team: ::points at himself and then his son:: This is what he’s going to look like in 30 years, whatdya think?!

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