Ciao Italia!

A train strike? Really? When I told my Italian friend that I just got into Italy and was stuck in Bergamo because no trains were leaving today, his response was “Welcome to Italy where nothing works!” Ah, what a typical Euro, so easygoing! Meanwhile, this bitter American was muttering in the corner about how unprofessional that is and how strikes don’t happen (that often at least) in NY and why must the innocent be punished because the city is too cheap! Bah. My Sunday really started out crappy. Saying goodbye to Kraków was sad, but then my 1.5 hr flight out was 2.5 hrs late. Then I was greeted to the country with the lovely strike. Oh, and it was raining so I was a tired and frustrated wet dog roaming around without a place to stay. But thanks to my travel agents (aka mom and dad) I was able to get a sweet hotel room for the night. Four star, very swanky, free delicious breakfast, thanks Dream-Ality Travels! Even though I desperately wanted to stay in and order room service, I knew I shouldn’t waste one of my last few precious days in a hotel so I forced myself to go out that night. And after the rain stopped, I actually got to see what a cute town Bergamo is! It’s ironic because when I was printing my boarding pass in Kraków, one of the employees saw and started raving about how great Bergamo is and how I need to see it. I smiled politely, but was too focused on where I wanted to go and how to get the fastest train that I didn’t have any intention of staying in the city. Funny how things work out. A reminder to enjoy the moment more. Bergamo seems pretty awesome – the bar scene is packed with lots of young beautiful people, and everyone is dressed really well (I felt rather frumpy.) The town has a great upper area that sits atop the hills, and even though I wasn’t able to explore it this time I made a mental note to return. Maybe after I move to Italy! Now I’m along the Eastern coast willing the sporadic showers to get over and done with today so I can have a full beach day tomorrow. Whats the opposite of a rain dance?

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