A Stopover in Poland

When someone tells you “One of the finest meals you will ever eat will be at…” and adds that it’s super cheap, you listen and you go!

Back when I was initially planning my trip, I sent an SOS out to my friends asking if they had any contacts in Europe that were in the know. MaiLien reached out to her friend who lives in Poland who was super friendly, but at that time I thought the chances of me getting out here were slim to none. So when I randomly sent Matthew an email last night saying “hey guess what I’m in Kraków” I wasn’t expecting much since it was so last minute. But this morning I was pleasantly surprised to open my email and find an essay on where to go, what to eat, and things I must do while I’m here. I have no idea if he had this laying around somewhere or if he wrote it up this morning, but its chock full of great tidbits. Like, skip the inside of the castle but do check out the alter in the church. I would have missed that entirely but decided to see what he was talking about, and when I walked into that church all I could say was WOW. Definitely one of the coolest churches I’ve seen with all of the intricate patterns and the huge, stunning alter with beautiful stainglass over it leading up to a gorgeous ceiling. He’s also mentioned some other great spots like a coffeeshop and a small museum that I will try to hit up too if I can fit it in.


So here I am, sitting at the swanky Szarsa Kazimierz in the Jewish District, enjoying a tasty meal and being VERY thankful for a warm day. When I first arrived in Kraków, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. The train ride was long and confusing, I was exhausted and felt so far from the places I wanted to go to next, I wasn’t sure if I liked my hostel, and it was too cold! But I think I was just burnt out from traveling because after a full nights sleep I got to see some of the beauty and history of Kraków and I started to really enjoy being here. Also, my hostel is very much like someone’s apartment with a very easy-going, friendly vibe. I went out for a few drinks last night, and when I came back one of the employees was in the living room doing the night shift. We ended up chatting for another hour over coffee and pasta (did I mention they have free breakfast and dinner!) and I got to hear his story about how he ended up in this city and at this job. I always love a good story. I like this city more everyday I’m here, and now I’m a little bummed to be leaving tomorrow. But I guess that just means it was worth visiting. Maybe I can learn Polish and move out here someday! I’ve been saying that about a lot of cities huh.

Next stop… Italia!

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