Thoughts on Berlin

Where to begin with this post. My visit to Berlin was so interesting because it was more than just the tasty food or the great city views. The reminders of what happened in Germany are everywhere, from the gold bricks on the floor to symbolize when the Nazis took people out of their houses, to the remains of the Berlin Wall and the graffiti art that artists made to symbolize a new dawn. Throughout the city you will see a line of different colored bricks that mark where the Berlin wall was put up – incredible to imagine a whole city being divided by a wall. I remember overhearing a Jewish coworker of mine once saying how he will never step into Germany because of what happened. I’m curious to know how my other Jewish friends feel about this, and would love to have some conversations with them about it. Of course it was a horrible, horrible event in history, and it’s not far enough in the past where we don’t have relatives that were involved in it so it makes sense if people would still be uneasy and not willing to go there. As for me, it was very eye-opening and sobering to see this in person, even without getting too in depth with visiting the camps (which would be really hard). The city has many, many memorials for different groups that were persecuted and you can feel the guilt that it still carries. However, I appreciated that they are not trying to forget what happened, but still talk about it and remember it. I think it shows progress of the nation, and hopefully serves as a reminder of what should never happen again.


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